Conferência "Um dia num banquete na corte tebana"

21-11-2013 18:00

Conferência "Um dia num banquete na corte tebana"  - Prof. Maria Helena Trindade Lopes


Produtos Raquel Novais_ Reis e Deuses_ Mito de Osiris-1.pdf (454770)
Raquel Novais_ Metodologias de investigação em História Antiga_ levantamento bibliográfico.pdf (725946)
pdf.pdf (325115) Esta bibliografia está disponivel para quem quiser. Basta solicitar para o endereço do site.
As grandes obras de referência do trabalho egiptológico(1).pdf (113571)
Instituições de Ensino e de Investigação.docx.pdf (70076)
Sociedades e Associações de Egiptologia.pdf (70470)
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26-08-2020 18:05
EAA_2020_In_Textile_Layers_call_for_papers.pdf (371209)   EAA 2020, Budapest, 26-30 August - Session 195    
22-06-2020 15:07
ECE IX - Ninth European Conference of Egyptologists Egypt 2020: Perspectives of Research Trieste, 22nd-27th June 2020    
09-09-2019 19:38
'In thy arms I lost myself’ – Images, Perceptions and Productions in/of Antiquity International Congress   NOVA School of Social Sciences and Humanities  Universidade NOVA de Lisboa The 9th, 10th, and 11th...
16-01-2019 14:19
    AUC_women 2.0.png (1724671)
07-02-2018 15:30
3rd Conference on Pharmacy and Medicine in Ancient Egypt (EGYPHARMED 2018) Barcelona, October 25th and 26th, 2018. THE 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PHARMACY AND MEDICINE IN ANCIENT EGYPT provides a platform for researchers and students to present their ongoing projects and recent discoveries...
03-12-2018 16:43
Call for Papers The Congress will take place on 3-5 December 2018 at Madrid (Spain). It aims to gather communications and posters from Spanish and Portuguese speaking researchers on Ancient Egypt from both sides of the Atlantic. This is the sixth such meeting in the last twenty years. Former...
22-12-2017 18:07
Call for Papers Fifth Australasian Egyptology Conference 7th-9th September 2018, University of Auckland, New Zealand. Call for Papers Classics and Ancient History at the University of Auckland is pleased to announce the Fifth Australasian Egyptology Conference to be held in Auckland on the...
22-12-2017 17:40
The Museo Egizio in Turin is pleased to announce the launch of its new open access journal, Rivista del Museo Egizio. The first volume is now online at .   The Rivista del Museo Egizio promotes, gathers and disseminates research on the collection of the Turin...
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