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Raquel Novais_ Metodologias de investigação em História Antiga_ levantamento bibliográfico.pdf (725946)
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10-09-2018 19:08
Call for papers: The Crossroads III – A Stranger in the House. Foreigners in Ancient Egyptian and Near Eastern Societies of the Bronze Age   We are happy to announce the third international Crossroads conference – “The Crossroads III – A Stranger in the House. Foreigners in Ancient...
21-03-2018 18:47
Call for Papers Continuities and Transitions: Approaches to Studying Food and Drink in Egypt and Sudan Cairo, Egypt, March 21–23, 2018 foodconference2018@uw.edu.pl   Food Conference, Cairo 2018, First Call.pdf (188 kB)  
25-07-2017 14:23
We are pleased to announce a new Egyptology symposium in Cambridge with the title "Egyptology and Anthropology: Historiography, theoretical exchange, and conceptual development". The symposium will be held at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research and Christ's College, University of...
19-06-2017 14:18
We are glad to announce a new conference and its first call for papers in the joint organization of the Institute of  Iberian and Ibero-American studies and the Oriental Institute, the Georg-August University of Goettingen, Seminar für Romanische Philologie and the Department of Egyptology of...
26-06-2017 11:28
“CECE8 - VIIIth European Conference of Egyptologists. Egypt 2017: Perspectives of Research” Lisbon, Portugal, 26th June-1st July 2017 CECE8-2017-Call-for-papers-4.pdf (362,9 kB)  
16-12-2015 20:21
Le roi et le fleuve Premier colloque du groupe Fleuves et territoires  16 et 17 décembre 2015 Le roi et le fleuve : exemples d'usages pluriels de l'espace Appel à contribution Les fleuves et leurs vallées constituent des espaces complexes et singuliers. Souvent fortement marqués dans le...
23-08-2015 13:59
The International Association of Egyptologists is pleased to announce that the host and organizing authority for ICE XI will be the Egyptian Museum of Florence, Italy. The venue was chosen by a majority of member votes cast from May 16 until July 15 of this year. The IAE received a total of five...
16-09-2015 17:42
The University of Vienna together with the Austrian Academy of Sciences host the 5th International Congress for Young Egyptologists (ICYE). ICYE will take place in Vienna from 16 – 20 September 2015 and is a conference for postgraduate students and early post-DOC researchers. Although ICYE is...
30-06-2015 00:00
Third Interdisciplinary Conference: Thinking Symbols which will be held from 30th of June to 2nd of July 2015 at the Pultusk Academy of Humanities in Pultusk in Poland. The deadline for the abstracts submission is the 31st of December 2014. Please send your abstract...
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